Drill My Hole

September 15th, 2015

‘Drill My Hole’ really do get into every kind of hardcore fantasy you can think of (thanks to producers, gaypornstarstube.xxx), and maybe some others that you haven’t thought of yet. I mean: What would you do if your mom’s new husband told you he has always fancied you? Would you do something about it? Would you let him kiss you, let him not only feel your cock, but to tastes it and suck it too? That’s like what Will Braun does when his new step dad, Dennis West, comes onto him. Or, would you leave, or tell your mom? I know what I would do if I was the kind of slutty boy like Will Braun is. He’s not an exclusive model to johnnyrapid.net for nothing you know; just watch him go for it.
drill my hole with johnny rapid
Will Braun is a good looking young man with that horny college look. He has a great smooth body and loves to be versatile so that he can have the best of all worlds. Will has been in eighteen hardcore movies for Men.com since he started back in February 2015 and his last flick was ‘Fucked At First Site’ Part 1, which was released in July 2015 where he fucks the ass of Brenner Bolton. Will is so busy I’m surprised that he gets the chance to put his pants back on before he has to take them off again. He has a seven inch cut dick and a great firm and tight ass. He has short brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, is five feet six inches tall and weighs 150 pounds.

Drill My Hole with Johnny Rapid

June 30th, 2015

Ever wondered what it would be like to catch up with your best buddy from college that you haven’t seen for years? Or ever wondered if you will see your best buddy in 20 odd years’ time? Thanks to Gaypornstarstube.xxx, ‘Drill My Hole’ can give you a glimpse of what it could be like. This fourth hardcore episode stars Johnny Rapid and Adam Herst, and it’s a great ‘what if?’ episode.
The episode starts in sunny Malibu where Johnny Rapid lives with his son. He sends his son off to college and goes out in his car to meet up with a friend from college who he hasn’t seen in years. He turns up his friend’s house, Adam Herst, and is happily invited in. Johnny says he has been remembering their college days recently when Adam stops him. He doesn’t want to go down that road again, he is married and has a son, he looks embarrassed that Johnny has bought it back up. Johnny says he’s sorry and goes to leave. Adam tells him to wait a minute and admits to wondering what it would be like again too. They start kissing in the hallway when Adam takes them both into the bedroom.
Still fully clothed Adam almost throws Johnny onto the bed and pulls his seven and a half inch cock out of his pants and gets Johnny to suck on his already hard dick. Adam gets dominant as he face fucks Johnny’s bearded face. He rips off Johnny’s top and gets him to lick his balls,
‘Fucking take it,’ he says. ‘Lick my balls, this is what you want, fucking take it.’
He continues as he fucks his face one more. They pull their pants off and get into the sixty nine position on the bed where Adam forces even more of his cock into Johnny’s mouth, making him take the whole lot down his throat.
Adam makes him call him ‘sir’ as he roughly moves him around the bed and onto all fours. Adam stands behind him and shoves his cock straight up Johnny’s hairy asshole. The whole room is full of their grunting noises as they fuck like a couple of dogs on heat.
They get onto their side and Adam spoons his cock into Johnny Rapid’s rack, fucking him like crazy, never stopping as he keeps on drilling his ass hard and fast calling him names at the same time. Adam Herst kneels next to Johnny’s face and shoots out loads of his thick white cum all over his cock-sucking lips.
Both men are more than happy and are glad they have been reunited.
So go on, go and meet that fuck from college even if he is married, he will still want to fuck you even after all those years.
Johnny Rapid is a rugged looking man with fantastic blue eyes and brown hair. He is versatile with an eight inch cut cock and an incredible tight asshole. He is five foot eight inches tall and weighs a hundred and seventy five pounds which is all muscle. This is his first hardcore at a gay paysite. I am sure many more will follow.
Adam Herst is also a muscular daddy figure, with short cropped brown hair and blue eyes. He is versatile and loves having another man sucking on his seven and a half inch cut cock. Adam is five feet nine inches tall and weighs 188 pounds. This is his seventh movie with this paysite, his first one was in August 2013 called ‘Sex Traveller part 3’ with a whole load of great porn stars, and it has been seen by over 38,000 horny men. If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s easy, just sign into Gaypornstarstube.xxx and you will get to see this, and many more like it at the touch of a few buttons.

The Rapid Pornstar Johnny Is Back at Men dot com

May 14th, 2014

Men.com, and one of their hot, new porn sites, Gods of Men, are happy to bring you part 2 of the “Suite 33” series. To recap part 1: the scene takes place on a bed in some room that could be anywhere. We left wondering what Suite 33 was all about. Part 2 takes place in the same bed, in the same room. This time around we get to see veteran Men.com star paired with a newcomer named Andrea Suarez. Andrea is appearing in his very first movie.

The scene starts with excellent lighting and sound – both aspects we have grown to love about this company. Johnny Rapid and Andrea are lying side by side on the bed, wearing nothing but their underwear. We can see by the tents in their pants that they are more than ready to go. These two hunks start off slow, with words of love and gentle stroking. As they kiss they explore hard bodies, large cocks and firm asses. Both guys have a similar build and they look evenly matched in bed. Watching this scene you do not feel like you are watching two actors going at it, but two long-time lovers enjoying another great time together.

Andrea takes the subservient role and is soon working hard on Johnny Rapid’s cock. He worships it, letting it slide down his throat as he licks and sucks it long and hard. Then he turns and delights Johnny Rapid with his pretty ass. What an ass: tight, round, and with a cute, cheeky pair of lips tattooed on one sweet butt cheek. The lips invite you in for a closer look, and Johnny Rapid does not need an invitation to bend down and plant a kiss on those sweet butt lips. He licks the lips before diving into Andrea’s tight hole, giving his boy a good, long, wet rimming to get him primed and ready.

Penetration is slow and sensitive, full of love for the act and the person. Andrea willingly gives himself up for the first time on camera. No longer camera shy, Andrea enjoys himself as he and Rapid spend quite a bit of time exploring each other in every position possible. The scene continues in tender loving fashion as our two studs reach an amazing climax together, shooting cum everywhere. Check out his blog -> http://www.johnnyrapid.net/

Str8 To Gay with Johnny Rapid

May 14th, 2014

The Str8 to Gay site is where all of our fantasies become a reality. In this latest scene, we get a fantastic pairing of two sexy, chiseled guys, and both of them have the look if the boy next door. The handsome Johnny Rapid has just broke up with his girlfriend, so he pays a visit to his buddy Vance Crawford to get some much needed sympathy and attention.
As the two guys relax on the sofa, Haigen stretches out and places his head on Vance’s lap facing him and talks about his girlfriend issues. After a short while, Vance suggests to Haigen that his problems stem from women in general, and perhaps he should give something else a try. As Haigen lies pondering the though, Vance runs his hand lightly over his buddy’s stomach until it slides under his belt buckle and into his pants.
Haigen doesn’t know what to think, and he holds his breath as Vance wraps his fingers around his cock. Haigen is surprised at how erotic and horny he feels, and his dick swells until it’s good and hard. Then Vance looks into his eyes and says, “Would you like me to put it in my mouth for you? Haigen doesn’t know what to say – but he wants it desperately, so instead of answering with words, he pulls his cock out and guides Vance’s face down upon it.

As Haigen forces his thick, clean shaven dick all the way down Vance’s throat, he feels a massive load of cum building inside his balls. He warns Vance that he thinks he might explode, but Vance tells him to cum inside his mouth saying, “Give it to me. Give me you cum baby. I want you to cum in my mouth. View all of Johnny Rapid gay porn videos at http://www.johnnyrapid.net/ Preview all 100+ hardcore gay movies. Shoot your hot cum down my throat baby.” Haigen simply can’t hold back any longer, and as his cock slides down Vance’s throat one more time, it spurts a full load of hot cum that causes his body to shake.
After swallowing every last drop of Rapid’s love juice, Vance props his friend on the bed face down, and then starts licking and probing his tight little asshole. After a while, he lovingly pushes his stiff member up Haigen’s ass. The tight virgin moans loudly as his ass gets firmly but caringly probed for the first time. Haigen moans again, and his body quivers as he feels warm cum fill deep inside his ass.
This is one of those films that leaves you wondering how you might seduce a straight friend who you always thought was hot and handsome. Read Full Article – Click Here

I found William seed at this hot gay video tube site

July 3rd, 2018

This hardcore gay scene is the great start into a brand new hardcore series that has been filmed by the best adult gay paysite and stars two handsome pornstars Jessy Berdardo and William Seed. This has been released by Drill My Hole, which is just one of the sites you will find in this gay tube network.

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Jessy Bernardo has a strong, smooth body and a handsome face with a bit of scruff around it. He is five feet nine inches tall with dark brown hair, cheeky green eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch uncut cock. He has starred in three gay porn videos so far, and they all belong to the ‘Exposure’ series.

My name is William Seed from http://www.williamseed.com/ , and I have starred in eighteen hardcore porn movies so far as an all exclusive star to hdgayporn.xxx. I am five feet nine inches tall, and I have light brown hair, bright green eyes, and I am a top with an eight-inch uncut cock. I love to spend time down at the gym, and I have a muscular body with a few tattoos, and I am addicted to sex morning, noon and night.

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I just have to tell you what happened to me at the local public toilets the other day. I was driving back from the gym and all of a sudden, I need to go to the restroom. I stopped just outside a public one in a park and walked in. I was just about to get my cock out when I heard a noise. I looked around the corner, and there was a dirty bastard, but very handsome guy just standing there stroking his thick meaty cock. I looked at him in with a look of disgust and walked out forgetting I needed to pee.

I was still pumped up from the gym, and as I walked out of the toilets, I quickly realised that I was in need of a bit of gay fucking, so with my homosexual cock growing hard in my pants, I marched straight back in and grabbed the guy against the wall. I rubbed his cock, and as he went down to get my cock out, another man walked in. We were so shocked, we ran for it, and as we were running out, I saw that he was ringing the park ranger.

We bolted into the park behind some trees, and soon as a saw a pile of logs on the grass, I laid down and got my cock out at last. It was rock-hard, and I could feel my balls tighten up with anticipation. The guy who had been masturbating in the toilets is called Jessy Bernardo, and he was eager to get my cock into his mouth.

He goes right down, takes a firm grip on my dick, and starts sucking on my uncut bell-end. His mouth tells me he an experienced cock sucker, and as he goes further down my cock, I grab his head and push him down even further. He sucks my cock all the way down to my balls, and I feel his saliva dripping onto my balls which turns me on even more.

I make him stand up, and as I pull his pants down to his ankles, he squats and spreads those firm ass cheeks. I get into a better position and can’t believe how tight his asshole is as I ram my cock deep into him. I keep ramming my cock balls-deep into him with every thrust of my hips, and I soon hear him moan and groan with pleasure as I don’t stop fucking his hot gay porno ass.
I stand up, bend him over and fuck him hard and fast. He is really enjoying having my dick in his ass, so I slap his firm butt cheeks a couple of times and fuck him even harder. He acted like a real slut in the first place, so I treat him like the slut fuck he really is.

I get him on his back, and as he lies on the hard wood, I pile my own wood back into him. As the sun beats down on our naked flesh, our balls tighten up. Jessy Bernardo spills his cum first as I carry on fucking him, and I shoot my own hot cum over his smooth, strong body.

That was one hell of a fuck, but what I didn’t realize at the time, was that someone had been in the bushes secretly filming us. There’s a reason for that, as I am about to learn, and it all comes out in the next episode of the ‘Exposure’ series.

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HDgayporn.xxx keeps on putting me, William Seed, in all kinds of fantasies, and I love every one of them. Fucking Jessy’s ass outdoors with the feeling anybody could catch us at any time was a real turn on, and you may notice that with the amount of jizz I blew. If you want to see more of me as I fuck all these beautiful tight assholes, then join this gay porno tube, where they film in HD – and they update their site every single day.

Great hardcore episode from Str8 To Gay

August 19th, 2016

‘Str8 To Gay’ Take us to a fantasy about the end of the world, where there is hardly anybody left except for a few men desperately trying to link up with other survivors for safety and comfort. MaleGalaxy.com films the men that are left over and the fun they have when they eventually meet up. It’s a matter of any hole will do, and in this great hardcore episode, Dario Beck and Paddy O’Brian meet up for the first time.
Paddy OBrian is waiting at the top of a big building, he has been alone for a while now, and is desperate for somebody else to help him release all the pent up tension in his body. Dario Beck turns up after Paddy has told him where to find him in episode two. Dario is a straight guy, but enjoyed getting fucked by Jay Roberts, which is also shown in episode two.
Paddy puts his arms around him straight away. He is in need of another man’s body close to his, and he takes full advantage of the situation. As their lips meet and they kiss passionately. They take their dicks out of their filthy pants and stroke on each other’s cocks as they carry on comforting each other with their hard kissing.
str8 to gay
Dario gets down on his knees as Paddy shoves his pants further down to his knees, and then takes Paddy’s seven inch dick into his mouth and starts sucking him off. Paddy lets out a sigh as Dario cups his ball back in the palm of his hand and gently squeezes and fondles them as he gets face fucked by a frustrated Paddy.
Dario stands up and as he pulls his pants down, Paddy squats down behind him. He prises his firm ass cheeks open with his fingers, and buries his probing tongue as deep as it can go up Dario’s tight sweaty asshole. Dario looks over the edge of the building and as he sees the burnt out city bellow him, Paddy finger fucks his juicy wet ass as he gets it ready for his raging hard dick.
Dario bends over a bit more as Paddy stands up, and as he directs his dick forwards, he pushes it right up Dario’s sweet tight ass which makes him grunt out as he feels his asshole spreading wide apart and being stuffed full.

Ex-straight man goes into hot gay porn – Hot men models

July 14th, 2016

Bennett Anthony stars as an ex-straight man in ‘Happy Chance part 3.’ In this great episode he is in search for the cute rent boy, Luke Adams a guy with a great bubble butt, that he had two years ago in a story that was filmed by Men and shown by the site ‘Str8 To Gay.’
Bennett Anthony was on his honeymoon when he first met Luke Adams, in episode 1, and he was the first man he had ever had sex with. Bennett becomes so infatuated with Luke that he divorces his wife, and goes on the hunt for Luke, who he is now in love with, even though he hasn’t seen him in two years. In episode two, Bennett thought he had found Luke in the phonebook, and invited him around, only to be disappointed at first; it was the wrong Luke. Instead, it was Luke Harding. He ended up fucking his asshole anyway, and then kept his eye out for Luke for a year afterwards.
In this episode, Bennet meets up with Luke in the middle of a park, purely by chance again. Luke isn’t too happy to begin with, After all, for him, Bennett was just another trick. Bennett catches up with him again a bit later when he goes to his house. Luke tries to tell him that he was just a trick and nothing more, and that he knows that is all he is. Bennett tells him how he feels about him, and that he wants to fuck his ass, something that has never happened to him before as he is an ass virgin.
hot straight men
Bennett’s heart beat is loud in his ears as his it pumps hard and fast as he walks into Luke’s apartment and they start to kiss. Their bodies grind against each other, and they can feel their cocks rubbing together through their tight pants. Bennett is so excited that he has Luke at last, that he wastes no time at all in stripping him naked, and then he kneels down in front of Luke who is standing up, and takes his cock in his warm hand, and then puts it on his tongue and starts sucking him up and down.
With Luke’s cock and balls dripping with Bennett’s saliva, Luke turns Bennett around and then over so that his ginger asshole is right in front of his face. Luke shows what a great fuck buddy he is as he darts his tongue like a snake in and out of Bennett’s virgin straight ass, causing Bennett to shout out with an excitement he has never felt before. pre-cum spills out of his pulsating cock as Luke then teases his wet hole with his thumb as he presses it directly on, and just inside his warm crack. Luke sucks on Bennett’s cock for a while and then lies down so that Bennett can ride his cock.
gay love
Bennett sits down taking Luke’s cock inch by inch until he is sitting on his ball sack. He gets so excited that he rides Luke like there is no tomorrow and makes sure that cock stays deeply imbedded inside him.
Bennett Anthony howls out as he gets fucked in the missionary position. With Luke’s cock still fucking him, Bennett’s cum explodes out of his throbbing dick and he sprays himself with his creamy white cum. Luke Adams jerks on his own cock and as his cum shoots out of his cock, he gives Bennett a great facial.
Bennett Anthony is a very striking, versatile figure with his bright red hair and sexy blue eyes. He has a muscular body full of tattoos, and he has a seven inch cut dick. Bennett has starred in thirty hardcore movies for Men and he was an exclusive star to Men for about a year and has a great following on Twitter.
Luke Adams is versatile young bottom; he’s cute, smooth and very flexible. He has brown hair, green eyes, and has a seven inch cut dick. Luke has starred in over thirty hardcore movies for Men, and even won the title of ‘Best new comer to the porn industry’ in 2015, and has been going from strength to strength ever since.

Best gay pornstars – James Huntsman and Johnny Torque

April 20th, 2016

bestgayporn‘Next Door Buddies’ can now show you what it really means to have a ‘personal’ trainer thanks to the great filming from Gamma Entertainment. This hardcore episode sees James Huntsman, an exclusive star to this best gay porn site, getting to grips with his muscular client, Johnny Torque.
James Huntsman is putting Johnny Torque through his paces out on the playing field. Johnny stops and tells James that he has to go home early as his therapist has told him and his wife to go out to a restaurant and talk to each other about their problems. James says ok, and then suggests that Johnny takes a shower in his apartment as its close by. Johnny agrees and, as he strips buck naked in James’s bathroom, he forgets to close the door and James watches him.
With glazed-over eyes and his cock growing in his pants, James strips naked and goes to join Johnny under the shower. Johnny is straight and yells! James has made a mistake and says that he’s not gay. James turns to move away when Johnny grabs his arm and tells him that his wife is being a bitch at the moment, and he’s not getting any good sex off from her. He looks at James and asks him if he could maybe give him a blowjob anyway.
James likes to give full service to his clients so before Johnny changes his mind, he squats down in the shower. With the warm water cascading off their hot naked flesh, James opens his mouth and begins to suck on Johnny’s thick seven inch gay cock. Johnny grunts as James deep throats, and Johnny grabs the back of his head, and face fucks him back at the same time. As the camera zooms in, we can see Johnny’s shaved ball sack slapping against James’s smooth chin as he carries on sucking on his dick.
They go into the bedroom and James lies on his back on the bed as his ‘straight’ client goes down, squeezes James’s balls and sucks on his cock at the same time. James looks down at Johnny and tells him that he wants to fuck him.
Johnny gets on his back on the bed and raises his knees to his chest and shows James his virgin ass. James sands between his spread legs and drives his throbbing dick right up into Johnny’s super tight asshole. Johnny grits his teeth and clenches his eyes tightly as he feels James’s cock filling up his hot crack. He feels a shot of pain rack through his body for a second to two, then, by sheer pleasure he hasn’t known before as James’s cock keeps nudging against his prostate as he fucks him hard and fast.
James Huntsman doesn’t stop driving his cock in and out of Johnny’s warm tight hole even when they change the best positions. He is like a man possessed and shows Johnny what stamina is all about as he gets him back into the missionary position and fucks the cum out of them both. James hardly has time to pull his condom off when his cream oozes out in great big puddles on Johnny’s stomach. Johnny shouts out and with a last jerk of his cock, his spunk streams out and mixes in with James’s on his sweating body.

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