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Ex-straight man goes into hot gay porn – Hot men models

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Bennett Anthony stars as an ex-straight man in ‘Happy Chance part 3.’ In this great episode he is in search for the cute rent boy, Luke Adams a guy with a great bubble butt, that he had two years ago in a story that was filmed by Men and shown by the site ‘Str8 To Gay.’
Bennett Anthony was on his honeymoon when he first met Luke Adams, in episode 1, and he was the first man he had ever had sex with. Bennett becomes so infatuated with Luke that he divorces his wife, and goes on the hunt for Luke, who he is now in love with, even though he hasn’t seen him in two years. In episode two, Bennett thought he had found Luke in the phonebook, and invited him around, only to be disappointed at first; it was the wrong Luke. Instead, it was Luke Harding. He ended up fucking his asshole anyway, and then kept his eye out for Luke for a year afterwards.
In this episode, Bennet meets up with Luke in the middle of a park, purely by chance again. Luke isn’t too happy to begin with, After all, for him, Bennett was just another trick. Bennett catches up with him again a bit later when he goes to his house. Luke tries to tell him that he was just a trick and nothing more, and that he knows that is all he is. Bennett tells him how he feels about him, and that he wants to fuck his ass, something that has never happened to him before as he is an ass virgin.
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Bennett’s heart beat is loud in his ears as his it pumps hard and fast as he walks into Luke’s apartment and they start to kiss. Their bodies grind against each other, and they can feel their cocks rubbing together through their tight pants. Bennett is so excited that he has Luke at last, that he wastes no time at all in stripping him naked, and then he kneels down in front of Luke who is standing up, and takes his cock in his warm hand, and then puts it on his tongue and starts sucking him up and down.
With Luke’s cock and balls dripping with Bennett’s saliva, Luke turns Bennett around and then over so that his ginger asshole is right in front of his face. Luke shows what a great fuck buddy he is as he darts his tongue like a snake in and out of Bennett’s virgin straight ass, causing Bennett to shout out with an excitement he has never felt before. pre-cum spills out of his pulsating cock as Luke then teases his wet hole with his thumb as he presses it directly on, and just inside his warm crack. Luke sucks on Bennett’s cock for a while and then lies down so that Bennett can ride his cock.
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Bennett sits down taking Luke’s cock inch by inch until he is sitting on his ball sack. He gets so excited that he rides Luke like there is no tomorrow and makes sure that cock stays deeply imbedded inside him.
Bennett Anthony howls out as he gets fucked in the missionary position. With Luke’s cock still fucking him, Bennett’s cum explodes out of his throbbing dick and he sprays himself with his creamy white cum. Luke Adams jerks on his own cock and as his cum shoots out of his cock, he gives Bennett a great facial.
Bennett Anthony is a very striking, versatile figure with his bright red hair and sexy blue eyes. He has a muscular body full of tattoos, and he has a seven inch cut dick. Bennett has starred in thirty hardcore movies for Men and he was an exclusive star to Men for about a year and has a great following on Twitter.
Luke Adams is versatile young bottom; he’s cute, smooth and very flexible. He has brown hair, green eyes, and has a seven inch cut dick. Luke has starred in over thirty hardcore movies for Men, and even won the title of ‘Best new comer to the porn industry’ in 2015, and has been going from strength to strength ever since.