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Great hardcore episode from Str8 To Gay

Friday, August 19th, 2016

‘Str8 To Gay’ Take us to a fantasy about the end of the world, where there is hardly anybody left except for a few men desperately trying to link up with other survivors for safety and comfort. films the men that are left over and the fun they have when they eventually meet up. It’s a matter of any hole will do, and in this great hardcore episode, Dario Beck and Paddy O’Brian meet up for the first time.
Paddy OBrian is waiting at the top of a big building, he has been alone for a while now, and is desperate for somebody else to help him release all the pent up tension in his body. Dario Beck turns up after Paddy has told him where to find him in episode two. Dario is a straight guy, but enjoyed getting fucked by Jay Roberts, which is also shown in episode two.
Paddy puts his arms around him straight away. He is in need of another man’s body close to his, and he takes full advantage of the situation. As their lips meet and they kiss passionately. They take their dicks out of their filthy pants and stroke on each other’s cocks as they carry on comforting each other with their hard kissing.
str8 to gay
Dario gets down on his knees as Paddy shoves his pants further down to his knees, and then takes Paddy’s seven inch dick into his mouth and starts sucking him off. Paddy lets out a sigh as Dario cups his ball back in the palm of his hand and gently squeezes and fondles them as he gets face fucked by a frustrated Paddy.
Dario stands up and as he pulls his pants down, Paddy squats down behind him. He prises his firm ass cheeks open with his fingers, and buries his probing tongue as deep as it can go up Dario’s tight sweaty asshole. Dario looks over the edge of the building and as he sees the burnt out city bellow him, Paddy finger fucks his juicy wet ass as he gets it ready for his raging hard dick.
Dario bends over a bit more as Paddy stands up, and as he directs his dick forwards, he pushes it right up Dario’s sweet tight ass which makes him grunt out as he feels his asshole spreading wide apart and being stuffed full.