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Best gay pornstars – James Huntsman and Johnny Torque

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

bestgayporn‘Next Door Buddies’ can now show you what it really means to have a ‘personal’ trainer thanks to the great filming from Gamma Entertainment. This hardcore episode sees James Huntsman, an exclusive star to this best gay porn site, getting to grips with his muscular client, Johnny Torque.
James Huntsman is putting Johnny Torque through his paces out on the playing field. Johnny stops and tells James that he has to go home early as his therapist has told him and his wife to go out to a restaurant and talk to each other about their problems. James says ok, and then suggests that Johnny takes a shower in his apartment as its close by. Johnny agrees and, as he strips buck naked in James’s bathroom, he forgets to close the door and James watches him.
With glazed-over eyes and his cock growing in his pants, James strips naked and goes to join Johnny under the shower. Johnny is straight and yells! James has made a mistake and says that he’s not gay. James turns to move away when Johnny grabs his arm and tells him that his wife is being a bitch at the moment, and he’s not getting any good sex off from her. He looks at James and asks him if he could maybe give him a blowjob anyway.
James likes to give full service to his clients so before Johnny changes his mind, he squats down in the shower. With the warm water cascading off their hot naked flesh, James opens his mouth and begins to suck on Johnny’s thick seven inch gay cock. Johnny grunts as James deep throats, and Johnny grabs the back of his head, and face fucks him back at the same time. As the camera zooms in, we can see Johnny’s shaved ball sack slapping against James’s smooth chin as he carries on sucking on his dick.
They go into the bedroom and James lies on his back on the bed as his ‘straight’ client goes down, squeezes James’s balls and sucks on his cock at the same time. James looks down at Johnny and tells him that he wants to fuck him.
Johnny gets on his back on the bed and raises his knees to his chest and shows James his virgin ass. James sands between his spread legs and drives his throbbing dick right up into Johnny’s super tight asshole. Johnny grits his teeth and clenches his eyes tightly as he feels James’s cock filling up his hot crack. He feels a shot of pain rack through his body for a second to two, then, by sheer pleasure he hasn’t known before as James’s cock keeps nudging against his prostate as he fucks him hard and fast.
James Huntsman doesn’t stop driving his cock in and out of Johnny’s warm tight hole even when they change the best positions. He is like a man possessed and shows Johnny what stamina is all about as he gets him back into the missionary position and fucks the cum out of them both. James hardly has time to pull his condom off when his cream oozes out in great big puddles on Johnny’s stomach. Johnny shouts out and with a last jerk of his cock, his spunk streams out and mixes in with James’s on his sweating body.

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