Drill My Hole with Johnny Rapid

Ever wondered what it would be like to catch up with your best buddy from college that you haven’t seen for years? Or ever wondered if you will see your best buddy in 20 odd years’ time? Thanks to Gaypornstarstube.xxx, ‘Drill My Hole’ can give you a glimpse of what it could be like. This fourth hardcore episode stars Johnny Rapid and Adam Herst, and it’s a great ‘what if?’ episode.
The episode starts in sunny Malibu where Johnny Rapid lives with his son. He sends his son off to college and goes out in his car to meet up with a friend from college who he hasn’t seen in years. He turns up his friend’s house, Adam Herst, and is happily invited in. Johnny says he has been remembering their college days recently when Adam stops him. He doesn’t want to go down that road again, he is married and has a son, he looks embarrassed that Johnny has bought it back up. Johnny says he’s sorry and goes to leave. Adam tells him to wait a minute and admits to wondering what it would be like again too. They start kissing in the hallway when Adam takes them both into the bedroom.
Still fully clothed Adam almost throws Johnny onto the bed and pulls his seven and a half inch cock out of his pants and gets Johnny to suck on his already hard dick. Adam gets dominant as he face fucks Johnny’s bearded face. He rips off Johnny’s top and gets him to lick his balls,
‘Fucking take it,’ he says. ‘Lick my balls, this is what you want, fucking take it.’
He continues as he fucks his face one more. They pull their pants off and get into the sixty nine position on the bed where Adam forces even more of his cock into Johnny’s mouth, making him take the whole lot down his throat.
Adam makes him call him ‘sir’ as he roughly moves him around the bed and onto all fours. Adam stands behind him and shoves his cock straight up Johnny’s hairy asshole. The whole room is full of their grunting noises as they fuck like a couple of dogs on heat.
They get onto their side and Adam spoons his cock into Johnny Rapid’s rack, fucking him like crazy, never stopping as he keeps on drilling his ass hard and fast calling him names at the same time. Adam Herst kneels next to Johnny’s face and shoots out loads of his thick white cum all over his cock-sucking lips.
Both men are more than happy and are glad they have been reunited.
So go on, go and meet that fuck from college even if he is married, he will still want to fuck you even after all those years.
Johnny Rapid is a rugged looking man with fantastic blue eyes and brown hair. He is versatile with an eight inch cut cock and an incredible tight asshole. He is five foot eight inches tall and weighs a hundred and seventy five pounds which is all muscle. This is his first hardcore at a gay paysite. I am sure many more will follow.
Adam Herst is also a muscular daddy figure, with short cropped brown hair and blue eyes. He is versatile and loves having another man sucking on his seven and a half inch cut cock. Adam is five feet nine inches tall and weighs 188 pounds. This is his seventh movie with this paysite, his first one was in August 2013 called ‘Sex Traveller part 3’ with a whole load of great porn stars, and it has been seen by over 38,000 horny men. If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s easy, just sign into Gaypornstarstube.xxx and you will get to see this, and many more like it at the touch of a few buttons.

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